The Heptameron

The Heptameron - Day 2

Heptameron Day 2 Summary

What Stories Are Told on the Second Day of the Heptameron?

On the Second Day of the Heptameron the characters recount the first fancy or whim which presents itself to each.

Heptameron Day 2 Summary
Heptameron Day 2 Summary

The Theme of the Second Day
The Theme of the Second Day

The Stories Told on the Second Day of Heptameron

  • The FIRST Tale, of the Second Day -- Mishap of the Lady de Roncex in the Grey Friars' Convent at Thouars.

  • The SECOND Tale, of the Second Day -- Facetious discourse of a Friar of Touraine.

  • The THIRD Tale, of the Second Day -- Story of Alexander de' Medici, Duke of Florence, whom his cousin, Lorenzino de' Medici, slew in order to save his sister's honour.

  • The FOURTH Tale, of the Second Day -- Praiseworthy artifice of a lady to whom a sea Captain sent a letter and diamond ring, and who, by forwarding them to the Captain's wife as though they had been intended for her, united husband and wife once more in all affection.

  • The FIFTH Tale, of the Second Day -- The Lord of Bonnivet, after furthering the love entertained by an Italian gentleman for a lady of Milan, finds means to take the other's place and so supplant him with the lady who had formerly rejected himself.

  • The SIXTH Tale, of the Second Day -- The troubles and evil fortune of a virtuous lady who, after being long neglected by her husband, becomes the object of his jealousy.

  • The SEVENTH Tale, of the Second Day -- Story of a Milanese Countess, who, after long rejecting the love of a French gentleman, rewards him at last for his faithfulness, but not until she has put his courage to the proof.

  • The EIGHT Tale, of the Second Day -- The noble manner in which King Francis the First shows Count William of Furstemberg that he knows of the plans laid by him against his life, and so compels him to do justice upon himself and to leave France.

  • The NINTH Tale, of the Second Day -- The honourable love of a gentleman, who, when his sweetheart is forbidden to speak with him, in despair becomes a monk of the Observance, while the lady, following in his footsteps, becomes a nun of St. Clara

  • The TENTH Tale, of the Second Day -- How the Lord of Riant is cured of his love fora beautiful widow through surprising her in the arms of a groom

The Second Day

On the morrow they rose in great eagerness to return to the place where they had had so much pleasure on the previous day. Each one was ready with a tale, and was impatient for the telling of it. They listened to the reading of Madame Oisille, and then heard mass, all commending themselves to God, and praying Him to grant them speech and grace for the continuance of their fellowship. Afterwards they went to dinner, reminding one another the while of many stories of the past.

After dinner, they rested in their apartments, and at the appointed time returned to the meadow, where day and season alike seemed favourable to their plans. They all sat down on the natural seat afforded by the green sward, and Parlamente said—

"Yesterday I told the tenth and last tale; it is therefore for me to choose who shall begin to-day. Madame Oisille was the first of the ladies to speak, as being the oldest and wisest, and so I now give my vote to the youngest—I do not also say the flightiest—for I am sure that if we all follow her leading we shall not delay vespers so long as we did yesterday. Wherefore, Nomerfide, you shall lead us, but I beg that you will not cause us to begin our second day in tears."

"There was no need to make that request," said Nomerfide, "for one of our number has made me choose a tale which has taken such a hold on me that I can tell no other; and should it occasion sadness in you, your natures must be melancholy ones indeed." The FIRST Tale, of the Second Day