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The Heptameron is a collection of 72 tales. The plots are often bawdy and explore the messy complications of relationships between men and women. There are tales of seduction, deceit, infidelity and cruelty, but also ones which celebrate virtue and kindness.Though many of the stories are very well written and also have value as historical documents offering a window onto the life and manners of the Renaissance, particularly the relationships between men and women, the Heptameron has not enjoyed the same degree of literary and critical success as the Decameron, which is the inspiration for the title of this collection as well as its format. As a result there are not very many sites or articles online dealing with the study of this book. The following is a list of sites that I believe that may be useful to anyone wishing to learn more about the Heptameron.

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The following links are relavant to the Heptameron written by Marguerite de Navarre, not to be confused with the grimoire and book of magic by the same name supposedly written by Pietro d'Abano.